Photography by  Rocco Cesselin  | Glamifying by  Anthony Pazos

Photography by Rocco Cesselin | Glamifying by Anthony Pazos

     :: ABOUT THAT WORK ::

I've written about and spoken on business, technology and entrepreneurship since 2004. I also work with startups as an editor and content strategist.

My writing has appeared in many places, most notably Entrepreneur magazine, Robb Report, The Washington Post, MSNBC and Business Insider. I won a couple Eddie awards, too.

I've trawled Silicon Valley looking for robot startups, danced "Gangnam Style" with Shark Tank judges and driven a Porsche on a real racetrack - and much, much more - in search of a good story.

It's been grand.


"The Truth About Work-Life Balance"| A column about something that matters to me | Entrepreneur

"6 Reasons to (Revisit) the Fashion District" | Why the L.A. Fashion District is dope | Los Angeles Register

"Patagonia, from the Ground Up" | My favorite interview ever, with Patagonia's rad founder Entrepreneur

"10 Marketing Masterworks" | Too much marketing brilliance happens in a year | Entrepreneur

"Swirl, Sniff, Tap" | Tech revolutionizes the wine industry | Robb Report

"Entrepreneur of the Year" | Meet the lovely bosslady of Adafruit Industries Entrepreneur

"On this Curriculum: The Future" | It's true, Singularity University is full of young geniuses | Entrepreneur

"Best Retail 'Salespeople': Mannequins" | The secret life of mannequins | Orange County Register 

"Innovator: DeviantArt's Angelo SotiraI was a happy, happy nerd while doing this story | Entrepreneur

"10 Business Trends " | Figure out the top 10 trends, they said. NBD, they said. (-_-)| Entrepreneur 

What I did on my writing hiatus: VIDEO playtime


Producer | Proud to have my name in the credits for this mini-documentary featuring Financially Wise Women CEO Brittney Castro (Director: Kofa Boyah)


On-air host | Mostly working behind-the-scenes on this video interview series, but here's me brushing up on my teleprompter writing/reading skillz


In the hot seat | My entrepreneurial origins revealed! during a just-for-fun interview with Matt Sanders, former president of Volcom Japan