:: Lost Conversations Project ::

                   SLOWLY WORKING ON IT LIKE THAT TIME I GOT REALLY INTO GIANT JENGA AT A WEDDING                                                                                                       

                   SLOWLY WORKING ON IT LIKE THAT TIME I GOT REALLY INTO GIANT JENGA AT A WEDDING                                                                                                       


Several years ago, I lost the digital voice recorder that contained all my favorite interviews. Normally, I delete files after a certain period of time, but I kept those dozen or so conversations on hand, like they were valuable, sentiment-hefty objects that deserved to be lugged around everywhere I went. 

Alas, most things you leave in the backseat of a cab (i.e. drinks, documents, dignity) are beyond recovery. So that was that. I wrote many more stories, switched jobs a couple times; yet here I am, still wishing I could remember exactly what was said during those interviews that prompted me to save them.

At least I know why I saved them. I wanted to share them some day, because there were parts of those conversations that were really fucking good and really fucking real - moments I got goosebumps hearing bottom-of-the-soul truths.

It had very little to do with eureka moments and sound bites, and everything to do with how "business" can at times be the manifestation of a person's experience of being alive - a life's fingerprint, if you will. Those conversations, and many unrecorded ones I've had in the interim, have taught me a lot about how inspired and inspiring people make sense of this mad, mad world.

Those parts hardly ever make it into a story. Certainly they are never the focus.

I'd like to change that.